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Today’s post is a quick note on intergenerational trauma; a term that is getting very popular nowadays in the field of psychology. But what exactly does it mean?

When emotions of traumatic events stay unprocessed for a long time in our system, they stay locked in our bodies and get imprinted in our genes. To “survive”, we develop different defense mechanisms and surviving patterns. The intensity of these patterns depends on the degree of the trauma we endured. The way we view the world shifts and from objective, is now perceived through a pair of filtered lenses.
This altered way of viewing the world, does not affect only the person who experiences trauma, but it passes down to the generations that follow. That means that if a relative of ours, a parent, a grandparent or a great-grandparent, experienced a traumatic incident during their life, that wasn’t adequately processed, it is highly possible that this trauma travelled down the line and reached us. Scientists have recently revealed that intense emotions such as grief, shame or fear can be passed down from a parent to their kid and this process can be repeated to the next seven generations to follow.

In my work, I come daily across people who are dealing with anxiety, depression and other symptoms that are a direct result of the unresolved trauma that was automatically downloaded by their ancestors. And this can be so confusing and intense. It has a big impact on the response of someone’s nervous system and the overall wellbeing of their physical and mental health. It affects greatly the way we live life.

How I know it? I have been there myself. I come from a family with big baggage when it comes to intergenerational trauma. When I started becoming aware of the many dysfunctional patterns we run as a family, I decided to start my own healing journey.

Nowadays, there exist many tools and techniques to approach and to heal from trauma. I personally find that mind-body therapy is a very effective and safe process that brings safety back to our physical body, it gradually balances our nervous system, it expands our awareness and it creates new and efficient ways of everyday functioning.

I hope you found this post informative. If you are interested in starting your own healing journey and you wish to try the mind-body therapy approach you can contact me directly in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or book directly a trial session in this link:

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