Online Sessions

Times change and so does therapy. With the internet entering and transforming gradually our everyday lives, the way we reach out to each other for help is changing.

Online therapy is becoming more and more popular and it is proven to be as effective as the traditional face-to-face therapy. Travelling for hours during your busy day to meet with your therapist doesn’t need to be the case anymore. Online therapy saves you precious time from commuting, while it can reach you effortlessly even if you live in a rural area. Besides this, it also helps you have absolute privacy since you don’t have to wait for your session at the waiting room of a therapist’s office.

With that being said, you should not expect anything less from our online sessions with private video conferencing (via Skype or Zoom). This time is exclusive just for YOU. It is your “self-care” moment so prepare your coffee/tea and get comfortable and cozy for our session from your own sofa.