“The wound is the place where the Light enters you”


Holisticawareness English speaking psychologist in Brussels

Holisticawareness English Speaking Psychologist in Brussels



Holisticawareness English speaking psychologist in Brussels

-Do you feel stuck in your negative thoughts?
-Are you struggling with dysfunctional relationships?
-Do you feel powerless or that you suffer from low self-esteem?
-Do you have difficulty saying “NO” and setting your boundaries with others?
-Are you confused on how to move forward in life? Wondering what is your life purpose?

If any of the above questions resonates with you, maybe it is a sign that this is the right timing for you to take some action and to do something about it. The fact that you are already surfing through this website means that one aspect of you already wants to go on this journey of self-exploration and self- understanding.

Dealing with difficult experiences or with uncomfortable emotions is not easy. But it is often through these moments that we are given the opportunity to learn and GROW. In these transitional moments it is helpful to have someone around who can witness what is going on inside you, who will mirror back to you the reality you are creating and who will safely guide you where you want to go.



Dr Naouma (Nina) Siouta is a Licensed Psychologist and a certified Somatic Psychology and Emotionally Focused Therapy Practitioner. Her core philosophy is that each client has unique needs that can only be met with a personalized treatment. In order to develop a client-tailored therapy, Dr Siouta brings forward a wide range of techniques, from traditional psychotherapy to cutting-edge holistic psychology.

Holisticawareness | English Speaking Psychologist in Brussels

Holisticawareness English Speaking Psychologist in Brussels

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Does starting therapy mean that there is something wrong with me? Shouldn’t I figure it out on my own?”

Starting therapy doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. On the contrary, seeking professional help when facing a challenge, it’s a courageous act of self-care. The same way you would seek help from a dentist for a broken tooth or from your GP for a flu, the same help you should seek for your mental and emotional health. SHOWING UP for YOUrself by being open to get the help that you need is already the first step towards healing.

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“Is therapy worth it?”

Like any other investment, e.g. education, career, physical health, etc., therapy is an investment in yourself that requires time, energy and financial commitment. This investment will help you become aware of all the patterns that sabotage or limit yourself and will help you replace them with new skills and efficient patterns that will have a direct and positive effect on - your relationships, your work, your health and your overall wellbeing.

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“I don’t want to Just talk about my feelings…I want to see some actual change in my life.”

People often have the idea that therapy is nothing but a series of long discussions about experiences from the past without actually focusing on here and now. This is not how I work as a therapist. To find out more about my therapeutic style click below.

How I work

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