Taking the first step

Taking the journey “inside” does not mean that you are broken. On the contrary, it means that you are willing to take responsibility and transform your own life. My responsibility is not to change you. The transformation is YOURS. My job is to guide you through the process and to help you strip away all those layers that are holding you back from living your life fully and in your highest potential.

Extra tip: In order to gain as much as possible from this experience, you need to be courageous and willing to open up.


How I work

Together with my traditional training, I ‘m using a variety of techniques and that I have learned over the years in order to meet the unique needs of each individual. These techniques are holistic, consisting of a combination of counseling and intuition.

These include the following approaches:

• MindBody Therapy/Somatic Experiencing
• Inner Focusing
• Emotionally Focused Therapy
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Inner Child Healing
• Mindfulness
• Intuitive Psychotherapy

In my practice, I offer a safe space for self-exploration and self-growth. I offer my support and guidance and help you clear unconscious blocks so you can reach your highest potential and have the success that you want in your life. In our sessions you will become aware of your emotions, you will learn how to express them and how to release them. By reflecting on their effect in past and present experiences, you will be able to transform and regulate your emotions so you can live a life that is in alignment with your goals and desires. This is your journey to self-awareness and to the developmentof new life-long lasting behaviors that will help youwith your future choices (big or small!).

In a nutshell? Through our work you will:

• be able to develop increased self-awareness and to deepen your intuition so you can face easier current and future challenges.
• learn more about healthy boundaries and how they can make your life easier.
• be able to create supportive and loving relationships.
• be able to clear chronic patterns and limiting patterns that keep you stuck and powerless in different areas in your life.
• start looking within your true sense of self and learn how to authentically love yourself.
• find your unique purpose in life.


My philosophy

Deciding to ask for help is not easy, but coming to work with me is an indication that you are now willing to shift something in your life. I deeply respect your choice and I acknowledge your courage and your inner strength for making this decision.

During our sessions, I am committed to be fully present and authentic with you so as to create a safe and caring environment where you feel “seen and heard”. This doesn’t mean that I will not tell you the truth or call you out when needed. It is my job to tell you the truth and to turn your attention to all the behaviors that are dysfunctional and limiting. While I am trained in a variety of therapeutic tools and techniques, in our sessions I will intuitively use what is the most appropriate based on your needs. By listening and checking in with you, we will discover together what works better with your own pace and style.

The foundation of my practice is based on the principle that we are a combination of mind, body and soul. Each of these three elements has its own pieces and all those pieces make us who we are. During our sessions, we will allow all these pieces of you to come forward and express themselves. Through this process, you will start learning how to trust your own inner voice and how to accept “all of you”. And by choosing YOU, you will gradually come to see that there are many options and choices available for you in your life.