Holistic Awareness

Holistic Awareness

“No one controls you and you control no one”. This is the secret for living a happy and stressless life. Yet so many people struggle with this.

Nowadays, the world is power driven. People want to have power over other people and this power takes the form of different types of control; control in family relationships, romantic relationships, friendships, control in working and social environments and ultimately control in bigger scales like religious driven control or control exercised by a state or other various governmental systems.

But what makes power so desiring and people are so addicted to it?
Monday, 13 May 2019 11:34

The self-pity game

Hello everyone! For the opening of this blog, I decided to write about “self-pity” because through my work, I come to see more and more the negative effects it has in peoples’ lives. The goal of this article is to expose all the truth that is associated to this manipulative behavior.
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