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Wednesday, 14 April 2021 10:49

Surviving the "Covid Burnout"

The spring is coming, the weather is opening up, however, most of us are still going through the covid lockdown restrictions according to the different local or national regulations. And it doesn’t matter if these restrictions are softer or harder, what matters is that they have a common denominator and that’s the “covid burnout”.

I’m coming every day in contact with people who feel like they have reached their limits and they cannot deal anymore with all the changes that this covid-era has brought.
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When we are kids, we are dependent on our parents to take care of both our physical and our emotional needs. In order to “learn how to fly”, we need their validation when we go through a wide range of emotions and their supportive love to help us process and regulate them. We need them to see us, hear us and acknowledge us for who we truly are in order for us to learn how to trust ourselves and have a good sense of our own self-worth. And it is through this mirroring that we are then able to develop a healthy relationship and a healthy dialogue with our own inner self.
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Thursday, 13 February 2020 11:49

"Are you addicted to trauma-drama?"

Well…who isn’t? Trauma-drama is the biggest addiction of our times!

Trauma-drama addiction takes place daily in our lives and it takes many shapes and forms, some of which are gossiping, complaining about people and situations, getting involved in fights (emotional-physical), holding grudges, betraying, being betrayed or setting up any relationships like that so as to play either the victim or the perpetrator. And when that’s not enough dramatic, you only need to open your tv or your social media to come across the global trauma-drama chaos…wars, disasters, global warming, murders, abuse, rapes and the list goes on and oooon.
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