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Create your Vision Board for 2021

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Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

After this special year of the COVID-19 pandemic, besides my wish for global health, peace, connection and joy for all the things we used to take for granted in the past years, what I’m wishing for 2021 is bravery and inner strength to follow our dreams and that which our heart truly desires. That is why the opening of this year’s blog has everything you need to know on how to create your own unique 2021 VISION BOARD!
A vision board is a visual depiction of our goals and our desires. Research in psychology has shown that visualizing our life goals on a frequent basis can increase our motivation and actually help us achieve them easier.

There are many ways to make a vision board. If you google it you will find a ton of different ideas. My favorite way to make a vision board is to create a big collage with photos, postcards, magazine cut-outs, quotes, fabrics, buttons and funny stickers. When it comes to designing your vision board, there are no limitations; you can go all crafty and wild.

I always like to start by reflecting on the following big questions:

1) How do I want to feel in the coming year? What emotions do I want to experience the most? How can I invite more joy, connection and abundance in my life?

2) What are my core values as a person? What do I stand for?

3) Where do I want to spend most of my time and my energy this year?

4) What is my heart’s greatest desire for this year?

Now, here are some of the themes I like to include in it:

- Health care goals e.g. taking care of my body, going to a dentist, a dermatologist, following yoga and tai chi trainings, trying out a new haircut, adding some specific supplements on my diet, etc.

- Relationship goals e.g. organizing a family reunion, having romantic dinners with my partner, catching up with my friends or having a girls night out, connecting with my neighbors and having fun with any of the social communities I am part of.

- Professional goals e.g. working on a promotion, taking a new professional training or following an interesting online course, expanding my business, opening an online shop, etc.

- Personal development goals e.g. following an specific education program, going on a spiritual retreat, participating in a therapy group, taking the driver’s license, taking guitar lessons or following cooking classes, etc.

- Financial goals e.g. writing down the exact amount of money that I wish to earn for this year, the amount of savings I plan to have for this tear, the loan amount for a specific project, etc.

- Material goals e.g. buy a house, buy a car, plant brandywine tomatoes in my garden, open up a business, get new materials from my paintings, recycle old clothes and things and make new space in my wardrobe, reorganize my living space, etc.

- Travel/destination goals (when covid is officially over) e.g. have picnics near the lake park, arrange my summer vacation, check out some new museums in the city, visit a specific country, go on Sunday hiking trips, visit friends and family who live abroad or in another city, etc.

The list of themes to include in your vision board can be as extensive as you like. It just has to match what is really important for you. After you finish creating your vision board, you can place it somewhere that you have easy access to look at; someplace where you can get its inspiration and motivation vibes as often as possible.

Creating a special vision board event online or in person with some friends can be lots of fun too. This year, we got together with my friend in a vision board girls’ event and we came up with amazing materials and many fun and creative ideas on how to represent our goals and wishes for 2021 in our own uniquely expressed way.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s post. If you got inspired and you are planning to create your own vision board enjoy the process! If you don’t mind sharing your vision with me, please do post a picture under the Holistic Awareness Facebook page, I would love to see your creation.


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