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Coping with COVID-19 and making the best out of it

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Hello everyone,

These are some strange times we are living in!

Today, the whole world’s attention has been collectively drawn to COVID-19. Dealing with the unknown and trying to find our way through it, has stirred up things emotionally and mentally. Many people find themselves not only worrying for their physical health, but also struggling with lots of anxiety, depression and hopelessness.
Coronavirus has switched our mindset into “survival mode” and has triggered many issues like fear of getting sick, fear of losing loved ones, fear of decreased financial or job security, loneliness and social withdrawal. On top of that, quarantine intensifies already existing trauma and feelings of fear, anxiety and despair. Our nervous system is running on “high speed” to process and manage all this unknown that’s taking place, but please know that all this is a natural human reaction.

Besides the whole havoc and discomfort that coronavirus has brought to our doorstep, it might have brought some blessings in disguise as well. Think about it for a second! We are now all forced to pause and take a break from our overloaded schedules and busy lifestyles. We are called to turn our focus inside and to pay attention to everything we’ve been avoiding and hiding from…there are no excuses now! And it’s totally understandable if this feels scary and threatening, especially if we are used to live our lives like a movie, without any reflection of our feelings, actions or choices.

So, this blog today is an invitation to take some of this available time to pause and LOOK INSIDE. Now you have the opportunity to connect with yourself and with every emotion or thought that comes up; to become the observer of your inner world and to be open to learn anything it tries to teach you. You owe that to yourself!

Don’t let this valuable time go by…go for an inner cleansing!


And be sure that you’ll get through it, we’ll all get through it together!


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